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Image Credit: emmarsheehan
Image Credit: emmarsheehan

Ariana Grande, is internationally known as a pop sensation and cultural icon, she has won plenty of audiences worldwide with her vocals, style, and stage presence. First rising to fame as an actress on the popular Nickelodeon show “Victorious,” and next the show Sam and Cat.  Ariana began stepping back from acting and into a music career. A small fun fact is some of her huge hits like “Thank U, Next,” “7 Rings,” “Bang Bang,” and more. She will be known as one of the most influential voices in pop music and pop culture for years to come. But past her talent as a performer, Ariana has been advocating for social justice, mental health awareness and other awareness efforts have gained her widespread appreciation and respect As a artist and advocate, Ariana Grande continues to impress millions with her music, resilience, and commitment to spreading awareness as much as possible.

We’re kicking off with our freshman pick from Angelina Bahandari who chose Positions as her favorite album by Ariana Grande. According to Angelina, “Her albums all have a special aesthetic. I like her style of writing songs and how her voice sounds! Her lyrics, instrumentals, vocals, and concepts work so well together. She’s also just the cutest and sweetest person” Ariana Grande is known for her particular style which is a part of the reason why she is so popular. Her signature high ponytail has been the focus of many jokes and memes on the internet. It is a coincidence that Ariana Grande’s sixth studio album, “Positions” was released in October 2020, during the global lockdown. The deluxe version of the album followed shortly after, in February 2021. Some of her biggest hits from this album include “34+25” and “positions.” “Positions” reached over 1 billion streams on Spotify.

We received a great amount of responses from different sophomores and we would like to thank you for your wonderful submissions. However, we have chosen Addy Haynes for this month’s publication. Addy’s favorite Ariana Grande song is “Dangerous Woman” from the album of the same name, which was released in May 2016. Here is what she had to say, “I really like the guitar parts in her songs and she’s a talented live performer.Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” has become a defining song for her career, as it conveys a strong message in the face of intense love. Its intricate guitar sounds and Ariana’s voice have only added to its iconic status, making it one of her most beloved tracks.“Dangerous Woman” the album, is when Ariana transformed into more of her “rebellious” era as she continued to mature and grow older. It is her first album to have explicit music, she had three tracks reach over 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Moving on to our junior pick: “7 Rings.” Ariana Grande sings about her own beauty and attractiveness in this song, with lyrics like “Make big deposits, my gloss is poppin’.” The combination of the catchy tune and confident lyrics has made it a popular choice among fans and held Ariana’s position as a pop icon. “7 Rings” and “thank you, next” are the songs that propelled Ariana into pop culture and marked her as one of the biggest names in the industry, earning her tons of fans and listeners alike who appreciate her and her music.

Finally, the senior pick, “boyfriend (with Social House)”. Boyfriend is a vibrant pop hit featuring Social House that lays out a message about complex relationships today. The song, which was released in 2019, explores the lines that have been blurred between friendship and romance. Here is what Page Peznick had to say about Ariana “She not only makes my favorite music but is very passionate in helping the less fortunate and on top of that creates her own signature style clothing and singing wise.” Ariana has organized the One Love Manchester benefit concert to raise funds for the victims and their families after the tragic Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. Ariana has also donated to worthy causes such as cancer research, LGBTQ+ rights, and mental health awareness. She actively uses her influence to raise awareness about important social issues and advocates for positive change.

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Ariana Grande is known for her vocal range and stage presence, continuously surpassing the boundaries of pop music with her amazing live performances. Beginning as a young little performer in musical theater, Ariana worked hard to tweak her skills before making a name for herself in the music industry, most notably pop. Her transition from teen actress to global superstar is something to be impressed by. With each album, Ariana dips her toes in new musical genres, mixing R&B, pop, and hip-hop to create a sound that you can only get from Ari. Although her music is outstanding, Ariana has also made a significant impact in fashion inspiring others worldwide with her signature ponytail and her bold style choices. Even though she has let go of her signature high ponytail, she continues to inspire young fans. Ariana continues to use her platform for good and advocate for causes that are close to her heart, inspiring young fans and holding her place as an icon of pop.

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