Senior Snapshot: Katherine Thaden

Graduation is fast approaching, and the realization that it’s almost the end of their high school years is setting in with the senior class. For this last semester of high school for the class of 2023, we’ll take a look at different seniors, taking a snapshot of their life and sharing their story with all.

Senior Katherine Thaden has been at Brownell Talbot since fifth grade. She shared what she loves most about BT: “I love how beautiful BT’s campus is. During all seasons, the buildings and the trees throughout campus are always so pretty and it is definitely something I will miss most when I graduate.”

Katherine takes part in a variety of activities on campus. She participated in basketball, volleyball, track, sports club, NHS, the app development team, and yearbook in the past. She shared, “My favorite memory from volleyball was getting to share the court with my sister during my freshman year.” Katherine also shared a fun memory from NHS: “A memorable moment from NHS was when we went to the Hitchcock Nature Center and chopped wood!”

When asked what her favorite class of high school has been, Katherine said, “One of my favorite classes has been Spanish because I love the teacher, Señora Navarro. I also enjoy learning about all the different cultures.” She also shared, “One of my other favorite classes was Mr. Larsen’s sophomore year English class. In that class I think I learned more about life from Mr. Larsen’s tangents than I have in any other class and I learned a lot about literature in that class.”

Along with being a senior comes fun BT traditions and Katherine shared, “I am looking forward to senior sunset at the end of the year and the senior trip! And senior skip day (please Mrs. Harms!).”

When asked what advice she would give to incoming freshmen, Katherine replied, “Do anything and everything you want to. Whether it is a sport or a club or an AP class you might find intimidating but intriguing or a group of friends hanging out on the weekend, just try to do everything you want and not close yourself off from things by focusing too hard on one thing. You will not only build a good resume but also will learn so much about yourself and have so many memories you will look back on for the rest of your life.”

For Katherine, the end of high school is a very bittersweet feeling. She shared, “I am going to miss all my classmates and the underclassmen I have grown closer to, but I am so excited for the next chapter of my life to begin.”