February Edition Community Voices

Throughout the winter months, Nebraskans are often faced with cold, dark conditions. Regardless of snow days, sledding, and hot coco, moods are often low during these months. This month, we asked 4 members of the BT Community how they raise their spirits during these often somber winter months:

“I like to light my spaces up with colored lights and candles cause light always makes my mood better!”

-Ms. Diehl, Science Teacher and Middle School Advisor

“Season changes can be very hard for people more used to tropical weather, especially during the colder months of January and February. In my case, in order to lift my spirit, I try to go to winter activities such as college gymnastics, or sometimes I just watch my favorite movies and TV shows with my favorite coffee and a blanket. I also count the days until the end of the football season, and I am the happiest person during the Super Bowl because once football is over the spring is closer!”

-Mrs. Navarro, Spanish Teacher and 9th grade Class Sponsor

“…I dont…”

– Frank Soto Tighe, 12th grade

“I got a kettle for Christmas and I’ve gotten super into making licorice tea! It’s really good with vanilla coffee creamer.”

– Ava Larson Gallegos, 10th grade