Restaurant Review: Spezia

This month we visit an iconic Italian restaurant located on 72nd and Center

Spezia is an Italian restaurant located in Central Omaha. This traditional restaurant has had its doors open since 2015 and has warmly invited hundreds of guests over the years. They offer their guests space for a swift delicious lunch to elegant private dining. Spezia has appeared in “Best of Omaha” multiple times under categories like Happy Hour, Appetizers, Italian Dining, and Romantic Restaurants.

We have been to Spezia countless times and have never had a bad experience and this time was no different. Arriving around 7:15 pm with a reservation at 7:30 pm, we were seated right away with no waiting. The waitress that seated us was there ready to greet us with a friendly smile.

After being seated we were brought warm fluffy bread rolls with a dish of oil, vinegar, and parmesan cheese to dip the bread in. It was so tasty we decided to get more and our waitress gladly brought us more. For the main meal, we ordered their simple chicken alfredo and spaghetti and meatballs. Only about 10 minutes later the food arrived warm and fresh. The chicken alfredo was nicely seasoned with a pinch of what looked like parsley flakes and was coated with creamy alfredo sauce. The spaghetti and meatballs looked just as amazing, with one large meatball in the middle. There are so many amazing and unique dishes Spezia serves, not just basic dishes like spaghetti and alfredo. Dishes we recommend from previous meals we’ve had are the petite tenderloin and mushroom raviolo and the french Acadian chicken linguine. After the delicious main course, we decided to try some desserts. we ordered their iconic Tiresimu and chocolate molten cocoa cake. Even after finishing the whole main course, we couldn’t get enough of their desserts. The coca cake came with a side of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate shreds and the tiramisu was topped with a coca powder design,

spelling Spezia.

We also got the opportunity to ask our waitress about working at Spezia. Her name is Sarah and she told us all about the benefits Spezia offers their employees. She has been working there for 16 years and is always happy going to work. Spezia’s prices for food are very reasonable. Keep in mind it is on the fancier side of restaurants and serves more exquisite food. They have two restaurants, one in Omaha and another in Sioux Falls. We’ve never been to the one in Sioux Falls but we have no doubt it’s just as amazing. 

We plan to continue going to Spezia in the future and we 100 percent recommend everyone to give it a try. They have tons of options for everyone including gluten-free and vegetarian communities. Their delicious foods aren’t the only thing having us come back but also their amazing customer service. We rate our experience at Spezia a solid 9.5/10.