April Community Voices

This month, the Community Voices and Senior Wisdom columns are partnering to bring Verbatim readers all things related to BT’s course offerings. From AP European History to Chemistry, BT offers a wide variety of courses for all students to take and enjoy—regardless of their passions and interests. For this edition, I asked 4 Seniors what class they’ve enjoyed the most during their time at BT. Whether you’re in need of advice as to what classes you should take in high school or are unsure about the courses BT offers to Upper Schoolers, this Community Voices edition is for you!

“My favorite class AP Language and Composition because I enjoy the paper topics we covered. There was a lot of writing, but I found it calming, especially when Dr. Low put on classical music. There wasn’t a lot of work at home except reading sources and writing papers, but there was plenty of class time to work too and there were many opportunities for revision and feedback.”

-Bethany Haas, ’23


“My favorite class is Government because it is fun and is somewhat easy to learn. Mr Coffey us also very nice and understanding.”

-Elizabeth Goebel, ’23

“My favorite class (more so elective) was Street Law junior year. I really enjoyed it because we discussed interesting, real-world scenarios and knowledge regarding laws in the US and beyond. We would discuss news articles, talk about current events, and just talk about everything in between! Also, I really like Mr. Coffey’s approach to teaching since he is very chill and focused on teaching the information instead of solely testing on it.”

-Renee Samieva, ’23

“My favorite class that I took during my time at BT was AP Language and Composition. It was a great experience to learn how to write high-quality well thought writing. The class helped prepare me for writing out college essays and is a class I would highly recommend taking it. AP Language and Composition is the first class I would recommend taking to underclassmen regardless of their writing level as the goal of the class is to improve your writing skills no matter where you are starting from. I liked that the class taught many kinds of analytical writing as well as long-term research papers. The class is taught by Dr. Low and is most commonly taken during your junior year. The focus of the first semester is on writing quickly and receiving feedback to improve your writing quickly while the second semester begins with a focus on long-term papers with a cohesive and well-written thesis. Overall it’s not an overly strenuous class but well worth the time you are willing to put into it.”

-Paige Birch, ’23