Restaurant Review: China Garden

We review a favorite Chinese restaurant in midtown Omaha.
Restaurant Review: China Garden

China Garden is a restaurant in Omaha that offers a unique dining experience for close friends and family. China Garden is known for their Chinese Cuisine and great service. This restaurant is family friendly and perfect for dinning out on weeknights or weekends. For our review, we chose an authentic hot pot dish to provide our opinion.

When first entering China Garden, a sense of comfort from the blend of unique aromas fills the air, and customers are greeted warmly by the employees. When seated, the wait staff provides what seems to be a normal menu; however, it has options for the ingredients of the hot pot, and patrons can choose to incorporate a choice of broth, two of which are their traditional broth, as well as a spicy broth. The list of ingredients is seemingly endless, some of which include Spam, enoki mushrooms, chicken, beef, ramen, egg, and rice noodles, as well as much more. The restaurant is an all-you-can-eat experience where a meal comes in three rounds. 

For our first round we chose chicken, beef, noodles, and a variety of vegetables. For our first time trying hot pot, we got the hang of it easily and by the second round we were more bold and tried the shrimp. To cook all of the ingredients, customers just grab what they want to eat and hold it in the hot pot for less then a minute. When it was time for the third course, we decided we were too full and checked out.

most people don’t make it past the third course before getting full

— restaurant staff

China Garden opened in the early 1980s in a small building in Canfield Plaza off 84th and Center. In August of 2017, the restaurant moved a building over to get a larger space. It is run by a man named Chris Jiang. They have changed the menu a lot over the years. 

Anyone looking for a fun dining experience and authentic Chinese cuisine should go to China Garden. The ambiance and food will leave you coming back every night!

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