A Culinary Cruise: Copal’s Mexican Restaurant Review

We visit an authentic Mexican Restaurant inspired from Oaxaca, Mexico
A Culinary Cruise: Copals Mexican Restaurant Review

Copal is a family-friendly Mexican restaurant located in Omaha, Nebraska that offers authentic cuisine from Oaxaca, Mexico. Copal, a tree used for ceremonial purposes by the indigenous Mexican peoples, influenced and forged the Mexican culture; therefore, it is represented in the restaurant. Here we are reviewing two different dishes and our opinion on the dining experience. 

Violet Vacanti

Our first impression of the restaurant was the authentic ambiance and vibe. The mural of Frida Kahlo was tasteful and decorative. The music playing gave off a chill vibe and made the meal relaxing. The customer service was impressive, and we felt very welcomed and helped. The Día de los Muertos aesthetic made it feel like we were dining out in Mexico. We were served a fresh bin of corn chips and ordered a delicious queso dip with chorizo as an appetizer. Needless to say, our first impressions were very positive.

To start our meal we ordered a round of lemonades. The lemonade was extremely unique from other lemonades, and, according to Violet, “This is the best lemonade I’ve ever had.” Based on just this one drink alone, we rate the beverages as a 10/10. For the entrées, we ordered Tacos de Birria Estilo Jalisco and the Chicken Burrito. The Tacos de Birria Estilo Jalisco were served with a bowl of beef broth soup to dip the tacos in and a side of yellow rice, seasoned to perfection. The corn tortillas were crunchy and the beef inside of the tacos was tender and delectable. Cheese was drizzled on the top and the tacos were garnished with cilantro. The tacos dipped into the beef broth was unique and something I had never tried before, which made it feel more foreign and interesting. Overall, I would rate this dish a 9/10 because for the price, there is hardly anything better. The Chicken Burrito was also delicious, although slightly less authentic-feeling and unique. This is understandable, however, because it makes sense to offer americanized mexican food in America. It was served with sour cream and a salsa-lettuce side. It was wrapped in a typical flour tortilla and also drizzled with cheese. We ranked this a 7/10. This was a very good burrito, but lacked something to make it stand out from other restaurants or other burritos.

Overall, we rate this restaurant a 9/10. For the price of the food, it was delicious and satisfying. The customer service was on pointe and we loved the overall ambiance of the restaurant. The Lemonade stood out as one a regular thing made unique and we would definitely recommend visiting Copal with your family or friends for an authentic and delicious way to enjoy Mexican food.

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