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A voice for students at Brownell Talbot School



Music of the Students (Taylors Version)

“Taylor Swift RED tour” by janabeamerpr is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Taylor Swift has been on tour since March of 2023 and has had 152 shows across 5 continents. The Eras Tour has had a huge impact on everything from culture to economics to the environment. Taylor Swift has TEN OR ELEVEN DEPENDING albums and 4 re-recorded albums.

Starting out with Angelina Bhandari, from the Freshman class, and a fan Taylor Swift’s music, shared her love for Taylors Music. Particularly to Taylor’s 1989 album, Angelina described Taylor’s music as both enjoyable and genuine. She talked about Taylor’s ability to craft engaging lyrics that convey emotion and storytelling, often with underlying meanings or fun backgrounds. Angelina also highlighted Taylor’s personality, like her kindness, fun, and loving nature, reflecting on her memorable experience at the Eras Tour. However, Angelina did express some criticism, observing that Taylor’s advocacy sometimes appears to only directly affecting Taylor, rather than using a broader perspective. Despite this, Angelina’s admiration for Taylor Swift’s music remains, with 1989 standing out as a personal favorite alongside Folklore.

Moving along to our Junior pick for this publication, Katie Picard. Taylor swift is known for her her gift for storytelling through music. Here is what she had to say, “I like that she tells a story through her music,” lot’s of people resonate with this as well. However for Katie, “The Way I Loved You” stands out as a example of Taylor’s storytelling powers, resonating deeply with its relatable themes. Her appreciation for Taylor extends across her entire discography, with the album “Lover” holding a special significance. Taylor’s talent for connecting with her audience through her heartfelt lyrics and melodies continues to garner admiration from fans like Katie, who find solace and understanding in her music.

Senior Guy Shipley finds a connection to Taylor Swift’s music, particularly drawn to her song “mirrorball.” He states with its powerful lyrics and admires the way Swift blends melancholy themes with uplifting melodies. Guy’s admiration for Taylor Swift goes beyond just one song, he appreciates the complex parts of her songwriting and her willingness to share personal experiences through her music. While “mirrorball” holds a special place as his favorite song, Guy’s love for Swift’s artistry extends to her album “Speak Now.” Taylor’s ability to weave intricate emotions and experiences into her songs strikes a chord with fans like Guy, who find comfort and inspiration in her heartfelt storytelling.

Although Taylor swift is loved by many, not everyone feels the same way. Here is criticism that we have received. “This may sound harsh but it needs to be said: the songs are all about the same thing, she’s self-involved and gives off white feminist energy and her style is basic white girl music A few songs are catchy (Dear John for example) I will give her that, but swifties are also so toxic they come at you if you say anything negative about her… Like I’m a huge Lana fan and even I won’t attack people when they criticize the stuff she does.. Plus, NGL, Taylor’s “pro-LGBT” songs like You Need to Calm Down are just virtue signaling if she interlays pro-LGBT messages with more stuff about her issues with her boyfriends. She poses as an LGBT ally to gain more popularity but can’t even make it a whole song without making it about herself, a rich white straight woman as if relationship issues (while still important) compare to actual systemic inequality, little of which she experiences.”

“Like… She managed to make gay and queer rights about her, an aggressively straight woman. And there is some stuff to be said about her music video in Wildest Dreams and how she used imagery of Africa set during the 1940s and 1950s, (during the height of African colonization and South African apartheid) and proceeded to glorify the setting during this period while removing any Black people from the whole thing. And yet she used imagery of Black culture in “Shake it Off”, like hip hop and rap culture while she continues to erase and ignore actual Black people from any her music…”

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