Senior Snapshot: Elizabeth Goebel


Graduation is fast approaching, and the realization that it’s almost the end of their high school years is setting in with the senior class. For this last semester of high school for the class of 2023, we’ll take a look at different seniors, taking a snapshot of their life and sharing their story with all.

Senior Elizabeth Goebel has been at Brownell Talbot for seven years. She shared, “I like the wide variety of activities and that we can participate in many things.”

Elizabeth herself is involved in a variety of activities on campus as she plays golf, tennis, and is a part of the cheer team. Along with these sports, she is in Business Club and plays for the orchestra. She shared some of her favorite memories from these activities: “My favorite memory from golf was making it to state twice. I love all of our tennis matches and having a fun team to play with. I loved getting champion and getting runner up at state cheer!”

When asked what she loves most about being a senior, Elizabeth said, “I love the senior privileges we get, such as leaving during frees and lunch.”

Elizabeth shared one of her favorite classes at BT: “I love Government/Econ because it is interesting and helpful for years after high school, and Mr. Coffey makes the class very fun.”

She also shared her advice for incoming freshmen: “Make sure to work hard all the way through your senior year. Also try many new things, otherwise you will regret not taking the opportunities!”

All in all, Elizabeth is excited to move onto the next stages of her life. She said, “I am very excited to move on from high school and meet new people and have new experiences in college.”